My thoughts on the iPhone 5S

Having just sat down to watch the live stream from Apple’s iPhone event it’s clear the new iPhone(s) will provide something different in the way of under-the-hood power and colourful aesthetics. But do I want one? I’ve been torn for a while now on what… continue reading

Welcome Peter Capaldi The 12th Doctor

The dust has settled for a few days so now is a good time to reflect on the news that Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor. Saturday 4th August, BBC1, 7pm. This was when the world was treated to an exclusive Doctor Who announcement. We… continue reading

Star Wars Rebels Is Coming

Star Wars Celebration Europe II is in full swing when Star Wars animation master Dave Filoni takes the stage to talk about the new animated series coming from LucasAnimation – Star Wars Rebels. For those not in the know, Star Wars Rebels is a new… continue reading

Why I pre-ordered the Sony PlayStation 4

Reveal events done, E3 done and now pre-order done. After weighing up the odds for both camps, I’ve pre-ordered Sony’s PlayStation 4. Let’s get one thing straight from the start, I’m not a Sony fanboy or even any kind of fanboy when it comes to… continue reading

My thoughts on the Xbox One

So yesterday we had the (2nd industry) event all gamers were looking forward to – Microsoft’s reveal for the next generation Xbox. MS had to bring the goods in order to compete with Sony’s impressive reveal event and an even more impressive console. There are… continue reading

Awesome movie posters

As a designer and lover of movies I love seeing the two come together. Along with movies that have been beautifully designed (future post), the marketing is just as important. A poster that’s captured the essence of the movie can stir emotions and can often… continue reading