Hello to you all and a very belated Happy New Year.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. This is a combination of work commitments, other blogging duties and laziness. The first two of those reasons are important while the third is an ongoing thing I’m always working on but with lots of distractions and reasons to procrastinate we all need to be lazy with things at times right?

So yeah, work commitments. As some of you know I work full time as a senior designer during the day and also have freelance projects sporadically on top of that. While I try and keep freelance stuff to a manageable level there are times when that creeps up which then effects other stuff like, having a life and spending time with my family and friends. I’m actually on a break from freelance right now until the middle of February so until then I’ll continue to make the most of having more free time.

Other blogging duties is the main reason I haven’t written for my own site in a while. As you can probably tell from my twitter feed I’m a huge scifi/film/tv/comic book geek and with such a vast amount of news and opinions on all that stuff it would be quite difficult to do it alone. So I teamed up with another like minded geek superhero and we formed a super-mega-awesome blog called Two Shots to the Head. With two of us (plus some cool guest writers) being able to get new content up on a daily basis it makes for a more engaging blog where people can almost rely on us, in a sense, to provide news, reviews and opinions. Naturally, blogging for Two Shots means not much time for my own blog. Now that I’ve settled into a flow with that stuff I do plan to blog more here, maybe not as much as I’d like to but still a lot more than I have been. As I’m a designer and front-end developer I would like to blog about that stuff along with my own personal stuff so I’ll try to do it more from here.

The laziness thing is more based on other stuff I like doing amongst the first two reasons detailed above. When I say laziness I’m not sitting on the sofa scratching myself, I do have other things that I like doing in my spare time. I’m getting more into TV now as a medium, I recently got into Arrow (yes, yes, I know… I should have got into it a lot sooner. As a DC fan people always give me the “WTF?” look when I tell them) which I’m addicted to now and think it’s one of the best shows on TV. I’m into series 2 of Breaking Bad which is also awesome and after some peer pressure I’m now also trying to get into the US version of The Office. This will be my third attempt so we’ll see how that goes. I’m also trying to complete a couple of games I got with my PS4 (Kill Zone and Assassins Creed VI Black Flag) so that’s another distraction point. I’ve got some leave coming up so that’s getting hit hard.

In a nutshell that’s been my life since I last posted. I promise to post more from now on and will try and get some design-y bits going. Anything related to the movies, film and comics etc I’ll be posting over at Two Shots so if you haven’t subscribed yet, go and do that now. As I’m blogging more these days I’m also delving more into the development/theme stuff so I’ll probably change things over here in the coming months. I’m really liking the Ghost platform so will probably give that a spin soon.

Apologies again for the lack of posts, I really have been mucking about busy recently. Have a sweet 2014 everyone, and let’s speak soon.