So it’s been a while. Again. I’ve been up to different things and had my fingers in a few pies which hasn’t left much time for personal blogging.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t something I want to still do, it’s just meant I’ve had more important things to do. I’m still running geek blog Two Shots to the Head with Mark Asquith which is going really well and that saps up a lot of my time. I’m running a Doctor Who podcast The Big Blue Box Podcast which goes out weekly or sometimes fortnightly if I’m super busy. I’ve had a couple of freelance projects on plus the day job as always. Then there’s family time to squeeze in as well.

As you can see, life is busy at the moment and while it’s all about balance, I literally haven’t had enough time to get this baby off the ground. But hey, enough with the waffle, lets get down to brass tacks. It’s here now with a new lick of paint which I’m proud of. Referencing the paragraph above, I didn’t have the time to design and code a bespoke WordPress theme from scratch so I grabbed a freebie theme; (part of a bundle at the time) Sprocket from Tink Tank and went to work.

It’s a great basic theme to get started with and had the essentials there that I wanted to use. This time around I wanted to focus on two things: 1. typography and 2. minimal design. There’s a growing trend lately with themes and writing communities such as Medium to deliver the content in a clear, readable fashion and I agree with that 100%. I wanted clear headings, legible type that looks good everywhere and the ability to convey my thoughts without distraction and faff. For the most part I think I’ve achieved this, there isn’t much going on with each page and I kinda like that. I may well stick a sidebar on the homepage at some point so I can pull in some Instagram pics or something but for now it’s looks clean.

The Sprocket theme already sported a clean look but I wanted to make a few changes, both structure and styling, to suit my needs. First up the theme shipped with the homepage displaying the last post in full with links to go to the next full post. I wanted to provide something more “bite size” so I changed the homepage to display a list of excerpts instead. This also freed up the header image on the homepage to display a “site image” as apposed to a “last post image”. I then moved the title of each post into the header area while at the same time giving it a dark overlay so it stood out. I’ve tweaked some other bits but that’s it mainly for layout etc.

Styling wise I’ve changed the fonts completely. I’ve gone for Brandon Grotesque for headings as I love the look of it in all caps and has a classy look. For body copy I wanted a serif font that’s easily readable but not the usual Georgia or Times. I found a really nice free font called Merriweather which looks ace with it’s slightly higher x-height than most serif fonts. I also changed up colours and some other bits but overall I’m really happy with the result.

Geekery out the way, I’m hoping to post regularly now and get into some kind of rhythm with it. Hopefully, will see you around soon…